Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome to e-impact!

Welcome to e-impact!

What is e-impact?

e-impact is a way to make a difference in the world in one hour or less, without giving money.  Because there are so many opportunities to do this online, e-impact can be thought of as another way of saying "e-activism" or electronic or online do-gooding or advocacy.  e-impact is about effecting social change in a very brief amount of time, often without having to leave one's living room, office or Starbucks.

Who's behind e-impact?

"e" is also me.  Evelyn.  I'm President of Becker Impact, a boutique communications strategy firm for nonprofits based in Denver, Colorado.  I spend my days developing compelling messages and telling effective stories so nonprofit organizations can move public opinion and action, inspire donations and votes, and effect change.  I'm a mother to two fabulous children - ages 4 and 7 - and an active member of my community.  When I'm not working or volunteering, you can find me with my family hiking, biking or skiing in & around the Rocky Mountains.  Or blogging.  This is my new blog.  

How exactly will e-impact work? 

e-impact is a 355 day project.  It launches tomorrow, September 17, 2012, the first day of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and ends on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, 2013 (September 5, 2013).  Every week for one (lunar) year, I am going to find something that I can do in an hour or less, online or in my community, to make a difference on an issue I care about.  Yes, this is trying to make the world a better place according to my particular world view.  

Why e-impact?

The 2012 presidential race recently pushed me to share a deeply personal story online and to issue a call to action to my friends and family.  Though I have written countless messages and stories for nonprofit organizations whose causes I believe in, I'd never shared or asked for anything so intimate.  I was deeply moved by the positive response to my story.  I thought about the power of words and about individual power.  I am honored that my story inspired others; their encouragement inspired e-impact.

Can I get involved?

I would love that!  As I write about my e-impact activities, I will include the links necessary for you to join in the fun.  I'd also really appreciate your suggestions for ways I can get e-active.  Please note, however, that I will be trying to make an impact in areas of personal importance.  This is also a self-issued writing challenge.  I hope that even if you do not share my interests or social or political concerns, you might enjoy reading along about my adventures.  Perhaps you will also see this blog as a place to add your comments on social change and share your own stories in trying to positively impact the world.

Warm wishes to you & yours for a happy & healthy new year.


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